Saturday, July 16, 2011

De agullhas e nós

Uma agulha na trama do pano
No pano caminhos atando
Arrematando os anos
Dos anos tecidos fio a fio
Nos fios que delimitam o pano
O pano de fino tecido
Tecido ano a ano
No zig-zag da agulha
Da agulha que comete enganos
Nos enganos desse pano
Tramando nós
Nos nós que desatamos.

Friday, July 15, 2011

when I decide to write in English

I have this desire to translate all my writing from Portuguese into English, but every time I try it, the process leads to another story and it doesn't look like translation -  it is a completely new story! And then I feel I have to translate this new created story into Portuguese and the loop will have no end... so I don't translate!

I've been in America for almost 15 years now and I still write most of my poems and stories in Portuguese - why? I don't know! I guess my set of inspiring gods or muses are still linked to my "account" in Brazil. I wonder how I can have them migrate here with me... or should I? I really don't know, but I have better chances, or a bit of a chance to get published here than in Brazil!

I guess I'll have to attempt not translating, but starting from scratch - new stories, new poems, new songwriting - new me in this good ole soul - my American Self as a story teller!